Becoming a Good Chat Service Representative

chatBeing a chat agent is not a walk in the park. A sloppy combination of letters can make or break an agent. For people in search of something new, this is the perfect job. It can be exhausting, but it is highly rewarding. There is a world of difference between a chat agent and a phone agent. A good phone agent doesn’t necessarily translate to a good chat agent. Working in chat service requires a distinct set of skills which are needed to meet the demands of the job. So how does one become a competent chat agent? Here are things to consider:

1.Knowing the product or service.

This is the rule of thumb in being a chat agent. Customers chat to know about the products and services offered by the company. Study all there is to know about the company and its products and services. Chat service companies often already have canned messages or answers to frequently asked questions of customers. These are transcripts specifically designed per business.

2.Practice patience. Practice understanding.

As with all customer interactions, patience is an absolute must to win customers over. Patience should be complemented with friendliness. Customers need to feel that they are chatting with a friend who wants to help them make the best buy. Willingness to be of service can be felt through words.


Chat service caters to millions of netizens and chat requests may be heavy. Learn how to juggle multiple tasks at the same time. It’s not easy but multitasking can be achieved through focus and perseverance.

4.The eye for verbal cues.

This is not an easy skill to obtain. It’s more difficult to look for verbal cues in written words than in spoken ones. This is what sets apart a competent chat agent from a chat agent. It is looking beyond the words of customers to find out implied and unexpressed needs or wants during the chat interaction and addressing them makes for a noteworthy chat service.

5.Advanced computer/typing skills.

Chat service is hooked up to computers, so it is necessary to be fast in typing and to be knowledgeable in computer navigation. There are various websites with practice tests and exercises to help improve typing speed and computer navigation.


Being on the lookout for grammatical errors and using the right punctuation is important in a chat representative. Since everything is recorded, customers can easily point out faults and this impression is unfavorable for the business.


Since chat is quite informal, rapport is easy to build. Agents must make full use of this. In building rapport, real conversations with the web users must be created. Start by asking how they are liking the chat experience so far, and the conversation can roll on. Rapport is important in building up the company in customers’ eyes.

It is important to choose a trustworthy chat services provider.  They should have the necessary support systems and resources available to help their business clients.  In most cases, they are required to provide the entire chat support facility, complete with the systematic routing of chat requests to agents based on work load and skill.  There are also times when they are tasked to provide not only the system and setup, but also the manpower to handle the chat queue.

There is a significant growth of consumers preferring to communicate with chat representatives when weighing buying options.  The popularity of chat as a communication channel for web users has increased the availability of software and support systems for companies and businesses that intend to improve their customer communication functionalities.  The chat facility, however, should be manned by equally efficient, knowledgeable, and customer-friendly chat representatives.