Why You Should Get Iron On Patches

Iron on patches are a type of patch that is commonly attached by applying heat onto its surface. A highly sticky adhesive on the back of the patch allows for a strong and permanent bondto almost all kinds of fabric. Compared to other patches, its process of attachment makes it a popular choice to any age.

If you are not sure whether to go for iron on patches, perhaps these reasons can help you decide:


Patches are used by a number of people for different purposes.

1. To mend clothes

Sometimes, throwing a piece of clothing can be a waste of money. Also, it is hard to let go of something with sentimental value. When an item of clothing has been torn or faded but the owner still wants to use it, a patch is the perfect solution. It only needs to be attached to the area where it needs mending.

Tiny holes in any clothes can still be saved by attaching elegantly designed patches on them. Torn-designed jeans can sometimes create bigger holes so before they get even bigger, use a patch to mend the area.

2. For decorative use

Schools, military units, police, business organizations and other clubs decorate their clothes with patches for identification reason. Wearing patches make it easier for each member to recognize each other. In military, customized patches are given as a symbol of merit.

Iron On PatchesSometimes, patches are used to simply embellish the clothing to make it look more fashionable. Decorative patches appeal mostly to kids and teens. Iron on patches that show logos of certain sports team or names of musician can be attached on the jeans or t-shirts of your children to make their clothing trendy.

3. To personalize an item

The use of patches is also a way to personalize an item such as backpack, jacket or shoes. Instead of the usual cookie-cutter designs, why not add a personal touch to it? There are several designs to choose from when it comes to patches. You can choose to have retro, vintage, hippie or punk theme or you can simply design your own patch. Most people like customized patches to ensure that no one else has the same design.

Variety in Design

Online stores offer several iron on patches their clients can choose from. There are designs suitable for all ages. These patches also come in varying colors, shapes and sizes.

But if you have a talent for art, you can always make your own design. The shape does not have to be the same as the ready-made ones. You can opt to have an irregularly-shaped patch if you like. Perhaps you like to climb mountains and you want to attach patches on your backpack as an expression for your love of hiking. If you can make your own design, use your own pattern instead of buying off the rack.

High Quality Materials

Since iron on patches require application of heat into the patch, you know that the materials used are quality. Otherwise, it cannot withstand the high temperature and will definitely get burned. Additionally, the adhesive on these patches are extremely sticky that itglued to the fabric permanently. If properly cared, your clothes with patches will not fall off no matter how many times you wash them.

If you know the right process of applying iron onto the surface of the patches, then you are guaranteed that your clothes will not be damaged. After all, ironing a patch is not really a difficult process to follow. Anyone who knows how to use an iron can basically do well with these patches. This makes this type of patch a better choice compared to sewn and embroidered patches.

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